We strongly recommend everyone comes to our studio if they can. The studio is perfectly set up for casting and we don’t have to worry about making a mess of your floor. Come and make a mess on our floor instead. We are located at the city of Rancho Cucamonga, California. If you cannot or will not travel we can go to you by special arrangement, a extra fee will be added to the total.

Sandra , our female lifecaster carries out almost all the casting sessions, She is a award winner in her field and several other areas of art, she is rated very highly in independent customer testimonials and come with years of experience

No problem. we offer Gift Certificates with a monetary value. You simply choose the value of the casting you would like to give them, and they can put the voucher towards the casting of their choice – be it a couple hands casting, a child’s casting. We can help you narrow down your choices with a bit of helpful guidance if you need it. 

We usually ask for a 50 percent deposit at the time we take the mold. You usually pay the balance when you come to pick or we deliver your finished cast, but some people prefer to pay in full.  The best way to pay is by Venmo, Zelle or cash and we will supply you with details when you make your appointment. For people paying with gift vouchers, simply give us the code on your gift voucher at the time of booking and bring it along with you when you come for your casting session. 

That depends on the kind of sculpture you choose, and the time of year (it pays to book early for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day which can be very busy). Bear in mind that plaster retains moisture for many weeks before it can be safely sealed. Some companies promise a very fast turnaround but may be compromising the longevity of your cast by not allowing full curing time (sealing a cast before completely cured/dry inside can result in black mould, blistering of surface decoration or crumbling of your cast at a later date). We always hit a deadline such as a birthday or wedding without fail, but for such special occasions please book in at least 5-6 weeks ahead of the deadline for collection to avoid disappointment. There are methods of speeding up the drying time and also working with other materials that don’t require so long, but this adds cost to your order and cannot always be fitted in depending on our schedule. If you have a ‘rush job’ that needs doing, feel free to contact us and we will help where possible.

Yes. But make sure you let us know at the time of booking that this is your intention, as it can make considerable difference to the price and techniques we use and we will always use the most cost effective method for you if we are given enough notice to arrange this in advance.